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About Dutch Dragon


Rising oil and gas energy prices make the use of bioenergy increasingly more attractive. 


Europe wants to reduce greenhouses gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, by 20% before 2020.

Energy from biofuels and biomass plays an important part in achieving this target. 


Wood combustion is climate-neutral. Climate-neutral means that the process of burning wood to generate energy, results in less than or just as much CO2 emissions as the amount absorbed by trees through photosynthesis.

Wood residues as a source of energy, whether originating from the forest, parks or vegetation boundaries, is growing in popularity. Modern processing methods are becoming increasingly efficient at obtaining energy from wood. The introduction of wood-fired energy plants are a case in point. 


Under the brand name Dutch Dragon, Wellink Caesar has developed a series of machines for collecting, chipping and grinding trees and forest residues. Through their years of experience with forestry equipment, Dutch Dragon engineers know what really matters: quality and capacity at the lowest possible maintenance and processing costs. 


This is evident from among others our wood chippers: compact, robust machines that feel at home on any terrain. The Dutch Dragon's high speed chipping drum can chip and eject in one flowing movement without the use of extra jacks or an ejector wheel. 


Take your time and see here the benefits obtained by users of Dutch Dragon products. Any queries? We will be pleased to advise you.


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