Optimal performance

Efficient & compact


Low maintenance costs


The concept for maximum throughput with constant chip quality and a minimum of moving parts. The Dutch Dragon mobile chippers all have one thing in common: a chipping unit with direct outfeed. The rapidly rotating chipping drum ensures that the wood chips leave the machine immediately without the need for extra jacks or ejectors. The pockets behind the blades ensure that after chipping, the chips are collected and that when they are at the highest point, they are immediately blown into the container or trailer via the blow pipe. The air assistance ensures that branches and needles are carried along with the product.

Rapidly rotating closed drum
> Direct outfeed

The drum's outfeed diameter ensures a constant chip length and prevents the braking action of branches and trunks against the drum. Your benefit: less wear, less loss of power, lower fuel costs.

Overhead sieves - direct access


The overhead sieve makes sure that any pieces that are too long are fed back into the chipper and that they leave the chipper smaller on a second drum cycle.

The closed drum prevents branch ends being passed through too quickly. This avoids long pieces and limits dust formation to a minimum.

Access to the drum and the sieves can be created by hydraulically opening the ejection pipe. Exchanging sieves and blades is thus limited to a couple of minutes.

This construction method creates a very compact machine with a relatively low self-weight.


Powerful infeed - efficient removal of sand and gravel

Trunks are transported effortlessly by the robust overhead infeed roller, with a pressure capacity of more than 5000 kg, and two lower rollers with powerful teeth. The fully computer-aided infeed ensures that the operator can concentrate fully on the correct and constant supply of wood. Non-stress protection keeps the engine speed at the correct level.

To make infeed even easier, the Dutch Dragon can be equipped with a roller infeed table. The powerful rollers efficiently transport trunks and branches to the infeed drums. The rollers also act like a sieve. The sieve catches any sand and other dirt that could affect the chipper's quality, before it can enter the chipper. Your benefit: less wear and better quality chips. 


A compact construction method with different superstructure options


Dutch Dragon chippers are built on a C frame chassis. The C frame has specially designed slots on the sides through which the assembly pieces can be mounted. As a result, no welding is required to adapt the Dutch Dragon to the designated vehicle. Your significant benefit: quick assembly and disassembly and ultimate flexibility with regard to vehicle choice.


  • Dutch Dragon EC 6545
  • Dutch Dragon EC 9045
  • Dutch Dragon EC 6060
  • Dutch Dragon EC 10045
  • Dutch Dragon EC 10075

Dutch Dragon EC 6545


Chipping and ejecting immediately in one pass


The direct cut & throw concept makes the Dutch Dragon EC6545 one of the most compact machines in its capacity class.

With a drum diameter of 800 mm and an infeed of 65 x 45 cm, complete trunks are turned into chips in seconds.


The Dutch Dragon EC6545 is the ideal tractor-driven machine for professional chipping.





650 x 450 mm

Drum diameter

Ø 800 mm



Drum speed

1060 rpm

Fixed blade

1 (usable on 2 sides)

Bottom infeed roller

Ø 280 mm

Top infeed rollers

Ø 290 mm

Sieves (Hardox)

fine, normal, course

Infeed power

3200 kg

Infeed speed

0 - 55 m/min

Hydraulic system

Load sensing



Minimum power (PTO)

145 kW (200 hp)